Bluebirds and Miracles

Well, it is only one o’clock in the afternoon, and I have already experienced at least 100 miracles today. First miracle of the day: I woke up and got out of bed! Alright, let’s all stop being so hard on ourselves, and acknowledge that we should all be extremely proud of ourselves every single day, just for getting out of bed. Not necessarily because the alternative is ‘not being able’ to get out of bed, but maybe because we don’t want to, or another hour would just feel so good. But, we have jobs to go to and commitments to make, so we get out of bed… Yay for us! So tomorrow when you get out of bed, pat yourself on the back, and then take three seconds to think about what a privilege and blessing it is to have another opportunity to experience a whole new day ahead of you. This brand new day holds mountainous amounts of potential – and it is ready for you to dive in. To experience, taste, smell, feel, talk to friends, offer advice, work hard at something and spend time on your favourite hobby.

Another notable miracle of my day occurred during mine and my dog Rosco’s morning walk on our nearby trials. These particular trails are located within a grasslands and Douglas-fir area, that each spring (another miracle!) become a sanctuary to native birds that have made the long journey back from a tropical visit down south (another MIRACLE!!!). One of my favourite of these amazing creatures is the Mountain Bluebird – you cannot deny that the strikingly vivid blue hue that these avian species sport is a miracle. And, if you don’t get your butt out to experience these sanctuarious environments while these creatures are active in the spring, you may miss them all together! Rocco and I shared a few very special moments when we spotted three of these bird’s in one short section of our trail – these small creatures that would be happy if they never saw us again made such a huge impact on our day (Well, a huge impact on MY day, anyways…).

After we got home, I made a snack and one of my favourite things happened…I received a FaceTime call from my sister! Okay, now this is an entirely different type of miracle all together! Let’s just take a minute to thank the technology gods for the ability to be living one of the most brilliant ideas that the masterminds of Star Trek may have ever had!

The point to acknowledging these small and seemingly insignificant “miracles” that are constantly happening all around us is to recognize and practice our ability to be humble. Humble of our beginnings, of our “right now’s” and of our trail ahead. It is so important to have goals to strive for and work towards, however it is also just as important to remain humble in those moments of striving. It is so easy to get caught up in “one day when I get a promotion”, “one day when I finally build my big house” or “one day when I buy myself my fancy dream car” – those things are not miracles, those are things you work for and make happen for yourself (and things you should be very proud of!). However, the miracle is in making those things happen, in the “doing”, in the “now”. THIS is your now, this your life. And your life is a miracle.

With love,


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  1. Rosie says:

    Please teach the rest of these internet hooiglans how to write and research!


  2. Milly says:

    I think you’ve just captured the answer petrecfly


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