Hakuna My-Mantra

We have all seen it, and we have all had even the slightest of smiles wash over our faces and felt warm and fluttery feelings in our tummies as we watch the scene from the Lion King movie where Timon and Pumbaa dance through the jungle and swing through the trees as they sing about Hakuna matata. This is a Swahili phrase that translates to “problems, there is none here”. To Timon and Pumbaa, it served as a mantra that they felt and sang about so much that they believed it and they lived by it. Now, I ask you, kind and beautiful people of blog world, if we feel a sense of happiness just thinking about a meerkat and a warthog singing this phrase through the jungle, why do we not take this a step further and actually DO IT ourselves?!

Somewhere along my journey, I came to discover the power of practicing mantra, which is a phrase, set of syllables or utterances that you repeat to yourself over and over, and over time you start to believe it and live by it. You can do this with the help of prayer beads of your choice, during meditation, when you look in the mirror or at any other significant point in your day.

The wise Louise Hay starts her everyday with a particular affirmation – she thanks her bed for a good nights sleep. After learning this, I decided I would take after Mrs.Hay, and make this affirmation the very first thing that I also do each day. This not only gives me a chance to acknowledge this piece of foam and springs covered with my favourite colour of sheets (teal!) and appreciate it for my sweet dreams and allowing me to get the rest I need to conquer a new day, it also has a funny way of bringing a smile to my face. From there I allow myself to start thinking about my daily tasks and adventures ahead of me, but let me tell you,  all of this cranial organization and coordination is so much sweeter once you’ve started your day with a smile.

So, what do you need? What would make YOUR day sweeter? Thanking your bed for a good night sleep? Looking into your own eyes in the mirror as you brush your teeth each morning and telling yourself how powerful and confident you are on taking on the day ahead of you? Sitting down in silence for 20 minutes each day with prayer beads, reciting a mantra to affirm yourself? I challenge you to just try this practice, because I can GUARANTEE it will empower you.

If you think you might need help with this practice, a very useful tool I have used and come to love is an inspiration and affirmations deck of cards. The particular set I love using is Gabrielle Bernstein’s Miracles Now cards, but there are so many out there so find one that works for you! When I was needing these cards the most, I would pick a new card each day, and use it as a tool to guide me through my day ahead. When my universe is in alignment, the particular affirmation card I draw is incredibly relevant and applicable to what is currently happening in my life. I know when this happens, it is the universe saying “Don’t worry, you won’t fall, I’ve gotcha!”. Remember, when this happens, it is not just a funny coincidence – it is a MIRACLE! And unicorns DO exist!!!

Many practitioners consider mantra a deeply spiritual practice. Even if you are not using traditional Buddhist or Hindi mantra, I know you will choose one that will serve you just as you need it to.

Hakuna Matata, my friends.

With Love,


PS. The Miracles Now card I drew this morning read “Whenever I compare myself to others, I simply say this Prayer: The light I see in them is a reflection of my INNER LIGHT”. I had a job interview this afternoon, in which you can imagine, I was constantly comparing myself to the other candidates! This card was with me in my purse, and kept me on track and full of confidence throughout the process.

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  1. Katey says:

    This is so lovely. Mantras and affirmations are wonderful stepping stones towards positive self-talk. Our thoughts become our behaviours, and our behaviour becomes our life. 🙂 x


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