So Long, Old Friend. I Hope to See You Only in my Memories.

Last Wednesday, July 6th, 2016, I experienced one of the most powerful days of my entire life. Last Wednesday I saw the end to a very transformational and both humbling and empowering half a year long journey. It is without a doubt that I can say that I am lucky to have been served this mountainous journey, this paramount life assignment. I also know for sure that it has served me as it was supposed to, and it is now time to say goodbye.

My life is a book and this journey was a chapter. However, even in its absence, I will continue to grow and learn with this passage and all it had to say. It carried with it a tremendous and now deeply engraved message that can never be erased – it will be with me forever. And for that, I am so grateful. I know I will be a good keeper of this message, and I also know that I will be able to share this message somehow. I have such a message to share!

I cherish every word written in this last chapter, and I hope to have the ability to recall each paragraph and each phrase in my many years to come. For, what is the use of any experience if we remain as unchanged and naive to it as we were before the dance we shared? I have had the opportunity the learn about a whole world that I used to fear. I have discovered and experienced its beauty. And Yes! It does hold beauty! It is not a scar on the landscape where a bed of pink roses used to lie. It is simply incomparable – it is something that one cannot look at a see the beauty, but must experience for oneself, and CHOOSE to seek the beauty.

Perception is in our projection, and we choose what we project. If you choose to focus on the ugly and the scary, this is how you will perceive the world around you. However, if you choose to believe that your experiences or life tasks that you have been served were created for you specifically, and that their creation had only your very best interest in mind, you will begin to see the bed of roses still lies there – they may just be a different colour.

Last week I completed a journey, and this week I am dealt a new life assignment – and I can’t wait to conquer this one TOO! This next journey is much different – it is one of healing and nurturing. And just as my last one did, I know that this journey, too, will provide me with more insight into the person that I actually AM! You do not know how strong you are until you are at your weakest moment. I believe that this last dance was an accurate drawing of my being – I am proud of the person I discovered when I needed to dig deep. I also know that the bag is deeper, and that one day, if I ever need to, I will be able to tap in and find even more strength than I did over this past six months. I know this because I also know that we are only dealt hands that we can play. And if you are playing the game of life, you are winning.

Last week I completed a monumental journey. This week, I am reborn. I am back at the table playing the game of life, but I have a new set of eyes, a new set of ears and a newfound internal balance that just feels so groovy! It is a place I won’t come back down from. It is a place where, even if I were balancing in the yoga posture “dancers pose” on my LEFT side, I could stay here forever.

Last week I completed a monumental journey, and this week, I am reborn.

With Love,


See more photos at A Monumental Celebration

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  1. Leslie says:

    So many congratulations and much love! You are a wondrous light in this world and I thank you for your courage and beauty. Lead on!

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