What Life is Not

Many people use the phrase “life is too short”. I struggle with this expression, because some people DO have a very short life – but only relative to other peoples “longer” lives.

I feel saying that “life is too short”, or too anything, for that matter, is being quite critical of life itself. Life is a miracle. But, life is what it is, and we are lucky to be able to experience it – for whatever length of time. And why should we be so critical of the only reason we are here in the first place. Being critical of the reason we have the ability to be critical is nonsensical!

Used in a slightly different context, I believe that saying one’s life was too short, is being slightly critical of the person, inferring that they somehow failed at not living a longer and fuller life. Or that they were somehow robbed of that opportunity.

While this may be a difficult practice, if we can look at it in a slightly different light it may help; in these moments perhaps we should be focusing on just that – the light!!!

When faced with a difficult diagnosis, let’s focus on supporting ourselves and on the beautiful places that a seemingly ugly event may take us. In the midst of relationship struggles, let’s remember why we built these relationships in the first place and instead of declaring that one’s life was too short, let’s celebrate the length of time we shared with them.

The miracle here is that we can choose how we interpret these life experiences, and moreover we can also choose to be better or bitter from them.

While a fresh and delicious salad may contain bitter arugula, it is always topped off with something sweet – just as life, itself.

With love,


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lele says:

    Your post is a timely coitnibutron to the debate


  2. Julie says:

    Your words are wisdom
    Thank you for sharing. love


  3. Leslie says:

    Love is timeless! Thank you Tessa. xo


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