Healing in Community

This post comes to you in a time that I see my community widening, broadening and deepening. In a time when all of my hopes and dreams for support and friendship and love are coming true on a daily basis. The feeling is without doubt blissful. May Cause Radiance started in 2016 because the community and support for young adults affected by CANcer in the BC Interior was somewhat non-existent. With a fresh diagnosis one is faced with not only learning about what the dis-ease is about, but also learning how to mentally and emotionally cope with it, as well. 

What does chakra cleansing have to do with chronic pain? How can reiki soothe my itchy bones? How on earth will my neck feel better with some lemons and my juicer? Well, ladies and gentlemen, these are some of the things I have learned about by opening my doors to the community of healers, teachers and non-conventional medical practitioners. Community members and friends who hold knowledge and energetic practices that can soothe our suffering, complement our journeys and help us lay our heads down on our fluffy goose down pillows with ease each night. 

Let’s stop and think for a moment about the power of the mind. It has been said that you can heal any physical ailment with the mind from a place of devote meditation and continuous affirmations. I believe in the power of modern medicine and I am thankful it exists, BUT, I also very strongly believe in the power of other, non-conventional, medicines.

I am on a journey of slowly uncovering the secrets that are held within traditions of ancient Chinese medicine, ayurvedic healing and brahman spirit. Or, in other words, spending time on a meditation pillow, copious amounts of turmeric, diving deeper into my yoga practice, mind over matter and deep visualization – all of which can truly draw upon the healing powers from within.

Allowing your body to heal and thrive takes more than just an outstanding conventional oncology team  – that is merely one piece of the puzzle. One petal upon your beautiful daffodil… or rose, orchid or prickly pear cactus. Self-advocacy is so important in this day and age as we have access to so much information and SO many resources! There is simply no one-size-fits-all treatment plan that can be prescribed over and over to people of all different ages, shapes and sizes.

However, with so much information at your finger tips, navigation can be quite difficult when trying to decipher and decide what primary or supplemental and complementary treatments may serve your best. By subscribing to a community of understanding, trust and support, however, much of this uncertainty disappears as we are able to learn from our peers.

Let us create our network of unconditional support. Let us share our experiences rather than watch our peers attempt to reinvent the wheel. Let us both learn and teach on so many different levels so to continue to bring positive success in all aspects of our lives.

Let us be brave. Let us be well. Let us be RADIANT.

With Love,

Tess & Mish

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  1. I’m a spiritual healer!


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