A mission of May Cause Radiance is to provide services of wellbeing and supplemental therapies and treatments to young adults affected by CANcer – anything that will make one feel well, more beautiful or more RADIANT throughout their journey. We are able to do this through partnerships we have established with carefully selected trained and certified professionals. We strive to create awareness and easy accessibility around any service, therapy or consumable that may enhance one’s cancer journey or facilitate a more health-full and more RADIANT life.

The services so generously provided by our partners are available to Young Adult cancer patients, survivors and thrivers – and remember, if you beat cancer 15 years ago, you are still a survivor. If you are a Young Adult affected by cancer, the services and consumables offered by our partners are available to you at either a discounted rate, free of charge, or offered in a unique radiance-specific format.

Submit a Bursary Application to take advantage of these partnership offerings or to request a service, therapy or consumable not listed.

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Our Partners:

11d840_e724a893d45c4f9f94675c837abc9765Clarity Yoga Studio offers a warm and inviting place to extend your healing journey to your mat, feel your body flow and discover internal balance. Exercise and movement are integral parts of anyones life, but especially of the life of one who has been affected by cancer. Finding movement, stretching and strengthening helps your body eliminate toxins, aids in the movement of lymph and contributes to overall wellness. We have partnered with Clarity Yoga to offer Young Adults affected by cancer a place to practice at a discounted rate, as well as offer RADIANCE Yoga Classes specific to those affected by cancer – contact us for more details on Radiance Yoga!

Location: Dallas area of Kamloops, BC

Deanna Deacon Coaching offers holistic health coaching to provide guidance, expertise and accountability throughout your health journey. This is done in a unique way by utilizing a blend of life coaching, nutrition support, goal setting, stress release and energetic movement to connect you deeper into your own body. Everyone has health challenges and goals, and when you are faced with a cancer diagnosis, these all become amplified. We have partnered with Deanna Deacon, Certified Health Coach, because when faced with a life-altering diagnosis, we want you to have access to holistic health and wellness coaching. With a variety of programs focusing on different nourishment, health and lifestyle challenges, Deanna Deacon can facilitate your healing journey throughout diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Location: 100 Mile House, BC / online

ykciktacElate Clean Cosmetics offers vegan and cruelty, gluten and toxin free cosmetics so you can feel beautiful and health-full even on your chemo days! Average department store cosmetics are full of toxins, chemicals and carcinogens, but Elate cosmetics won’t compromise your skin, your health, your lifestyle or the earth. Everything you put on your skin is consumed by your body, and a healthy diet extends further than choosing leafy greens and organic produce. We have partnered with Elate Clean Cosmetics to offer young adults affected by cancer increased awareness and easy accessibility to a healthier beauty choice.

Location: Victoria, BC

bf_logo_mw_web-2Bellyfit International is the world’s leading Holistic Fitness System for women, dedicated to serving the needs of women in body, mind, spirit, heart and lifestyle.  By blending the power and wisdom of ancient practices, with the research, technology and trends of the modern world, Bellyfit is moving women toward a more balanced, joyful and inspired life. The Bellyfit Embodied Goddess Program is a unique format in which one can experience this movement in the comfort of their own home. Movement of one’s body is essential in one’s healing journey, as it uplifts mood, helps your body eliminate toxins, aids in the movement of lymph and contributes to overall wellness. We have partnered with Bellyfit International to bring this spiritual and well-rounded fitness program into the homes of young adults affected by cancer.

Location: Victoria, BC / online format

Miiko Skin Co. graphic-1Miiko Skin Co offers sustainable, safe and natural skin care products made with food-grade ingredients to nourish your body from the outside, in. From the product to the packaging, Miiko Skin Co delivers non-toxic and environmentally-consciouse options. You don’t have to worry about label-deciphering with this company, as each ingredient is hand-picked and sourced locally (within BC), and you can read about each ingredient supplier on the Miiko website. This company offers a truly unique skin care experience from the holistic perspective of the users body as a whole, to the total transparency of ingredients and suppliers utilized to create each product. Miiko Skin Co is committed to providing you with safer skincare, naturally. We all have skin, and it is the largest organ of our body, interconnected to our respiratory and digestive systems – we need to take care of our skin, and ensure we are nourishing it responsibly. We have partnered with Miiko Skin Co to help bring natural and safe skin care into the homes of Young Adults affected by CANcer .

Location: Victoria, BC


doTERRA offers gently and carefully distilled essential oils that are 100% therapeutic grade, safe and natural. doTERRA adheres to strict quality protocols in order to deliver the best product possible. They offer oils extracted from single plants, as well as proprietary blends to sooth a wide range of injuries and ailments. We have partnered with both Tanya Epp and Brittany Gill, doTERRA Wellness Advocates, to offer Young Adults affected by CANcer access to this alternative healing method. Get in touch with Tanya or Brittany for information on oils that can help with surgery recovery, uncomfortable and painful symptoms of CANcer and oils and blends that can help sooth radiation or chemotherapy side effects like insomnia, nausea and skin irritation.

Location: Kamloops, BC / online
(Brittany Gill)

Young Adult CANcer Retreats:

Survive & Thrive Cancer Programs Offers adventure programs and retreats to help young adults not just survive, but thrive. 

First Descents Provides life-changing outdoor adventures to young adults impacted by cancer. 

Project Koru