A Monumental Celebration

Roughly six months prior to this day of celebration, I had a seemingly insurmountable journey ahead of me. The path before me was both daunting and scary, but on this day, I was able to celebrate the completion of nearly six months of chemotherapy treatment with so many of my loved ones. It was an incredible day that I am so lucky to have experienced and that I will never be able to forget.

“It was the best day of my life, next to my own wedding day”
– Arlene Jongbloets (my mamacita 🙂 )

My amazingly thoughtful and selfless husband, Travis, arranged to have all these wonderful people to congratulate and celebrate with me upon leaving the hospital doors after my last treatment. I don’t think the entrance to this hospital had ever seen so much love. My awesome gal pals made me feel like a diva as they showed their support by wearing big blue hats, which mimicked the blue cold caps I wore during treatment to keep my long gold locks.