The Universe DOES have your Back

This past weekend my WELLness crusade continued, as I had the honour of attending Gabrielle Bernstein’s lecture and launch of her new book, The Universe has your Back. I have only yet cracked the first few pages of her new book, but already feel like I have received so much guidance from attending the lecture, alone.

For those of you who don’t know Gabby B, not only does she have an amazing sense of fashion, always effortlessly sporting the cutest outfits, but she also offers experience-based spiritual guidance to her followers all around the globe…and she does this wearing 5-inch stilettos.

I was gifted my first Gabby B book, Miracles Now, about three years ago. I read a bit of it, liked the idea of it, but what she had to say was not very meaningful to me, so it took up residence on my bookshelf with my bookmark left at about a third of the way through. I was reading the words, but I didn’t have the tools to fully interpret and understand her messages and lessons of spiritual guidance. It wasn’t until my CANcer diagnosis this past winter when this book starting to glow and I could feel its warm presence from the bookshelf every time I stepped into the room. I was drawn to the book, and the only thing I could do was to read it. Well, I read it cover to cover within a few days, and every time I turned the page it got better and better, the lessons got stronger and stronger and her messages resinated deeper and deeper. These lessons came into my life prematurely, but they were there for me at a time when I truly needed and could understand them.

SO! When my sister and spiritual running buddy, Michelle, told me that Gabby was coming to Vancouver (to see US!!!) it was a no-brainer that we had to be there for her. She had showed up for us in such a profound way when we needed her words, so we were going to show up for her! Since all of you unfortunately weren’t at the lecture and book launch to witness a miracle yourself, I felt compelled to act on my role as a messenger and share some of this enlightenment with you.

Lesson One: What are you resisting?
Take an inventory of the areas in life that you feel are lacking or holding you back – chances are there is a common trend and the root cause is resistance. Ask yourself what you are not showing up for and how it may be showing up for you. Perhaps you are struggling with a chronic uncomfortable feeling after every meal – while you are busy (well, not busy) avoiding getting to the bottom of a possible food allergy or sensitivity, this sensitivity is showing up for you as an uncomfortable feeling and taking away form your eating experience. Maybe the same issues are following you around as you change employers or relationships – it is time to look at your behaviour, attitude or area of resistance and SHOW UP for it so it can stop showing up for you. Make showing up for your relationships non-negotiable. When I came to accept my diagnosis and decided to take it by the horn (you know, the one unicorn horn…) and really showed up for myself, I had feelings of ease, peace and abundance, and eventually this disease stopped showing up for me in the form of uncomfortable symptoms.

Lesson Two: Obstacles are an opportunity in the right direction.
Bottom line: if you can accept the the universe has your back, you will come to realize that any obstacle, annoyance or adverse experience is actually guiding you along your paimg_1519th of becoming your best self and is only intended for your greatest good. I know the universe has my back because it guided me to read Gabby B’s books, guided me to her book launch (during which it guided me through a malfunctioning toilet situation…) AND through my adverse CANcer diagnosis it has brought me to find so much meaning and fulfillment through sharing my experiences with my readers and has brought me to launch a nonprofit organization to provide support to young adults affected by cancer. These things could not have happened for me if I resisted and did not accept that this obstacle was sending me on a trajectory of my greatest good.

Lesson Three: Surrender and then surrender some more.
I know, I know….What does this mean?! How do I surrender?! In Gabby’s new book, she not only tells you to surrender, but provides you with a step-by-step process of how to surrender.
My take on surrendering is basically if you feel like you are powerless in a situation, you probably are. Let got of the horn, get out of your own way and say “Thank you for taking this from me, Universe, I surrender”. Let the Universe do her thing. Sometimes doing less is actually more, and allows space for things to happen for you. If you do not believe that there are other forces of energy and higher power at work amongst the physical word that you can see, this one might be tough for you, but I urge you check out your ability to surrender – it will probably surprise you. And remember, surrender does not have a goal, it is simply the process of coming back to who you are. 

Lesson Four: Chose to be a happy learner.
It is easy to pick up the “self-help” books when you are at your bottom and can recognize that you need help. However, just as you would be prepared with a full tank of gas, good tires and even a spare tire before a road trip, it pays to be prepared within your spiritual practice as well. Pick up the books, do the meditation, nourish your soul properly and allow yourself to be open to spiritual guidance during times of abundance and happiness to ensure your toolbox if fully stocked when you need it. Condition your spirit, because before you know it your ego will be doing push-ups in your sleep.

With Love,



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Leslie says:

    Yes! Thank you for another profound message! Interesting to hear of Gabby B. May the Universe always flow thru you. Gratitude!!!


  2. Karen says:

    Powerful words Tessa, thank you. It is a reminder to step back and remember not to get so caught up in our supposed reality .
    The paragraph on “Surrender” is one I totally can relate to as I have been there many times, it was a good reminder to not carry a load for so long and remember the sooner I let it go or let it be, the sooner the Universe can show me the way.
    I am going to check out Gabby’s books.


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