What is “Radiance”?

Well, that’s a loaded question! But I am so glad you asked…

For myself and for our organization, May Cause Radiance, the term radiance has meant various different things and continues to evolve as we explore it further and deeper. What comes to mind when you think of the meaning of radiance? Do you see a vision of yourself, looking and feeling your very best, do you picture a skin care line that literally makes your cheek bones glow or do you envision your highest vibrations and most loving energy radiating from yourself as you go about your day, infecting everyone you come into contact with and leaving impressions of happiness, light and love on their souls?

These are some of the many meanings of radiance to me, in chronological order as I discovered them from when I expected to look in the mirror and see a bald head, but instead I saw beautiful golden locks…RADIANCE! Then, to when I literally discovered an amazing and fully organic bronzer that made me feel amazing about myself and also sparked the desire to share the many clean, natural and organic products I had learned about throughout my CANcer journey with other Young Adults affected by this wide spread dis-ease…RADIANCE! And finally to knowing it all along, but really understanding the essence of radiance during an amazing discussion with one of my best spiritual running buddies that brought me to realize that radiance may not be something you can see or measure, but instead it just may be the effect that one person with an enlightened perspective that she wishes to share with the world can have on the people around her…RADIANCE!!!

Perhaps radiance is the infectious feelings of hope, faith and love that people are left buzzing with after being inspired by someone or something. Hope that you can DO THE THING – whatever the “thing” is for you. And because where there is hope there is also faith, you are full of faith that you only have to do the thing because you are one hundred per cent equipped with the tools you need to do it. You were chosen to do the thing. And love because if you are not living in love, you are living in fear. And if you are living in fear you have also lost your faith.

Radiance may also involve the steps one needs to take on a scary and life-altering journey. From being brave, to being well, to radiating the wisdom and loving energy that their experience has taught them with their community. Whatever path we are on, we all have communities of like-minded people on a similar journey or pilgrimage. If you haven’t found your tribe yet, maybe it is because you aren’t ready for them. Maybe you are still working on being brave or being well. But I promise, once you reach step three (and you WILL) you will understand the process. You will understand why you were carefully hand-selected for this journey, and maybe this is were your pilgrimage will begin. Maybe this is where you will find your tribe and where you will feel brave enough and well enough to share your wisdom and leave lasting impressions on others.

I believe that radiance looks different for everyone. What you need to look and feel radiant is probably completely different than what I need and to feel that I am being my most radiant and impactful self. And I do think that believing you “look” radiant is important in the process in order to uncover the confidence and bravery needed to radiate your vibrations to your community and to the world.

So, say it with me…

I am brave.

I am well.


With Love,


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